Newcastle Helix District Energy Scheme


Providing low-carbon District Energy to this flagship city-centre quarter

The District Energy Scheme is a centralised energy system for the entire 24-acre Helix site that will explore emerging energy technologies. The program will be housed in a building designed to blend in with the rest of the quarter.

The District Energy Centre is the first scheme in a pioneering new venture to develop district energy schemes across the city in partnership with ENGIE, a leading energy, services and regeneration specialist.

It has been calculated that the scheme will provide a carbon emission saving of 30,650 tonnes over 40 years.

The £20M District Energy Centre provides affordable heating to all businesses and homes on the site via a network of underground pipes. Non-residential properties on the site also benefit from a cooling system and a bespoke electricity supply.

At a glance

  • The Energy Centre covers: 732 sqm.
  • Providing 10MW of heating
  • 5MW of cooling
  • 8MVA of power to the connected buildings on the site
  • via 5.2km of buried network

    Figures from ENGIE with thanks