Welcome to NCLEUS – sharing the story of our smart city 

By Jenny Nelson, Digital Newcastle Programme Manager, Newcastle City Council 
22 September 2021

As a Geordie girl born and bred, it’s fair to say that I’m always going to have a good word to say about my home town (or toon as we say up here).  But when it comes to smart city, data, and innovation we really have got a lot to shout about – to people interested in investing, working, living, and studying in the city.   

How do we Promote our Successes? 

Many of us within the sector felt we weren’t shouting loud enough.  We lacked the mainstream visibility of exciting and innovative projects and companies within the local area – a collaborative ecosystem which saw Newcastle recognised as UK Smart City of the Year 2019, Connected Britain’s Smart City Initiative 2020, and ranked #23 on the global IMD Smart City index.        

To coin another local phrase, “shy bairns get nowt” and so NCLeus is our new loud and proud shop window for all – for those looking in at what we’re doing and for those wanting to get the message out about what they are doing.  NCLeus content cuts across sectors and verticals – it continues to showcase the quadruple helix approach we’ve long been known for where the public, private, academic, and voluntary sector work beyond their organisational boundaries on the bigger challenges that matter.   

Creating a Shared Community 

For me, NCLeus is a place for both communication and collaboration – sharing information which sparks conversations, innovation, and economic growth opportunities.  We’ll continue to fine tune the content in response to feedback, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your comments.  I hope you enjoy the site.