Toon Trail: an app to get people exploring Newcastle

26 July 2021

Toon Trail takes participants on journeys through the city, which will have them jump, pose, and explore many of its hidden gems.

Designed by Newcastle Youth Democracy Group, the app, which is free, is developed by Open Lab at Newcastle University with the purpose of getting people out and about exploring our city’s heritage.

The trails run from Monday July 26 to Sunday October 3. The three distinct Toon Trails include: 

  • Rivers and Bridges (Baltic to High Level Bridge approx. 1 hour) 
  • Castles and Churches (Newcastle to Blackfriars approx. 1.5 hours) 
  • Monuments and Parks (St James’ Park to Grainger Market approx. 2 hours) 

Participants can also compete for prizes which will be given out between October 4 and 31st.

Newcastle City Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Culture, Cllr John-Paul Stephenson, said: “Newcastle is a rich and diverse city with a long history which is why it is so popular as a short-break destination. 

“Quite often there are things about our city we never even knew existed until we get out and about. The Toon Trail app is all about this and I think it’s a great idea. 

“Our old buildings, bridges and streets have some fascinating stories behind them and exploring them is not just good for our minds but good for our health so I hope people download the app and learn a little more about our wonderful city.” 

To take part in the Toon Trail, you can download the OurPlace app to your mobile phone or tablet, download an activity booklet to print, or pick up a booklet from Newcastle City Library.

OurPlace is a free mobile app developed by Open Lab which supports interactive learning activities about places in communities. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is compatible with phones and tablets.

To download, navigate to the App Store or Google Play and download to your device. You will need an Apple, Google or Facebook account to log in to the app. Navigate to your chosen Toon Trail and select it to begin the activities. 

Data connection is not required en route to upload your response and will remain ‘pending’ until a connection is made. Once your device connects to a network, your entry will be uploaded.  

If you would prefer to take part in the Toon Trails through a paper-based activity booklet, activities are available for download so you can print them at home.  You can find all three activity booklets here.

You can email your pictures of your completed activity booklet to as proof of entry into the prize draw with the subject line ‘Toon Trail Entry’, or submit them to the Toon Trail post box available in Newcastle City Library.

Further details are available at our website 

Originally posted on : Newcastle City council