Harnessing the power of data to help Towns and Cities develop economic vibrancy and an environmentally sustainable future

    ProxiSmart have two flagship solutions – ParkingPerx and TravelPerx.

    ParkingPerx rewards consumer High Street spending with FREE Parking. It’s a disruptive solution that changes who pays for parking – from Consumers to Merchants – in exchange for an uplift in spending in their offline store. It also collects data to maps the consumer’s journey. 

    TravelPerx uses the same tech & business model, but the reward for High Street spending is reduced/eliminated public transport fares – collecting rewards from Merchants and paying this across to Transport Operators.

    Delivered in tandem, ProxiSmart’s mission is to learn about town/city users, and in particular private car users, incentivise greater use of public transport/environmentally friendly initiatives and introduce a differential in rewards to encourage a modal shift which ultimately reduces the number of private car journeys undertaken.


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      Q&A with ProxiSmart, creators of the app ParkingPerx

      Q&A with ProxiSmart, creators of the app ParkingPerx

      ParkingPerx is the app that rewards you with FREE parking for spending with your favourite brands on the high street and online.